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Science of Interconnectivity


  • We have good proof that the sun’s and earth’s magnetic activity has an effect on:
    • people’s mental and emotional states
    • heart rate variability (HRV)
    • global collective behaviors
  • We currently understand that this happens through Earth’s bioelectromagnetic fields, or “biofields,” which impact the weak electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates all living organisms, as discovered by biophysics. It shows that subtle influences are distributed across distance and impact us.
  • This shows that our attitudes, emotions and intentions are not limited to the space inside our bodies, but that they also can affect the mental and emotional states (consciousness) of others.
    • For example, if an individual is stressed their sheer presence would have a subtle negative impact on others around them, and vice versa.
  • What is still not proven with complete certainty is the extent to which that influence can be generated by collective human effort, however, this suggests that people can work together in a co-creative relationship to consciously increase coherence in the global field environment.
    • Further tests and measurements are currently being conducted by the Global Consciousness Network and the Heartmath Institute.
  • The discoveries allow to see a world where things, events and people are field-connected, rather than a disconnected world that only interacts mechanistically through observable external impacts.
  • If we can successfully develop our ability to perceive our own biofields and the “frequency pitch” of the fields they are radiating, as well as the biofields of other people, it would be an enormous advancement in the collective consciousness. 


The biggest scientific programme measuring the effects of consciousness on the humanity is the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). They have build a global network of 12 ultrasensitive magnetic field detectors called the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) located across the world in places like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, and South Africa. It continuously measures magnetic signals that occur in the same range as human physiological frequencies such as those of the human brain and cardiovascular systems. In addition, each site has a random number generator (RNG) that is part of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) network.

The monitoring system tracks changes in geomagnetic activity caused by solar storms, changes in solar wind speed, disruption of Schumann resonances (SR) and, potentially, the signatures of major global events that have a strong emotional response component. The network is providing a significant research tool also into the interconnectivity of human beings with each other and with the earth’s magnetic field environment.


As a result of these GCP studies we have strong and convincing evidence that human health, cognitive functions, emotions and behaviors are affected by solar activity and planetary magnetic fields.

It is well established that the earth and ionosphere generate a symphony of resonant frequencies that directly overlap with those of the human brain, and that of all the bodily systems studied thus far. Because the brain is a very sensitive electromagnetic organ, changes in geomagnetic activity and Schumann resonance intensities appear to alter brainwave and neurohormone responses. Changes in geomagnetic conditions appear to most strongly affect the rhythms of the heart and the brain.34,39,43,46,66,76-78

When the earth’s magnetic field was calmer, study participants felt better, were more mentally and emotionally stable and had higher levels of heart rate variability (HRV). The same observation was made for increased activity in the resonant frequencies and the solar radio flux. Conversely, when the magnetic field was disturbed (because of solar flares), or had lower power in the resonant frequencies, the participants’ HRV was lower and their emotional well-being and mental clarity were adversely affected.

Michael Persinger, a cognitive neuroscience researcher and professor at Canada’s Laurentian University and his colleagues extensively studied EEG activity and the Schumann resonances in real time. Their data suggests that a transfer of information can take place between the magnetic fields of Earth and human brains. They have shown that many of the SR frequencies can be seen clearly in the human brain activity,14,67 Under certain conditions, interactive information processing can occur between human brains and the earth’s magnetic fields including modifications of cognition and dream-related memory consolidation.14


There is evidence to suggest an energetic field connection is formed among individuals in groups through which communication among all the group members can occur simultaneously. In other words, there may well be a “group field” that connects all the members.107

There is experimental evidence that human bio-emotional energy can have a subtle, but significant (scientifically measurable) nonlocal effect on people,events and organic matter.12,120-124 For example, Steve Morris studied the effect of heart coherence in a group setting with people trained in maintaining states of heart coherence for several minutes and found that they could promote an increase in the coherence of untrained participants, who were unaware of the experiment’s goal.125


One interesting finding in his research is that there is a significant correlation between global events that elicit a high level of emotionality from a large part of the world’s population and periods of nonrandom order generated by the Random Nubmer Generators (RNGs).129 For example, multiple independent analyses of the network during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 (Figure 11), correlate with a large and significant shift in the output of the global network of RNGs.12 Although the mechanisms for how human emotions create more coherence in the randomness of this global network are not yet understood, the data clearly shows that such effects are real, with an odds-against-chance ratio of over 1 billion to 1.12 

When an event is characterized by deep and widespread compassion, the GCP effects are stronger,122 which could be explained because compassion is related to interconnection and positive emotional engagement. The personal benefits of greater emotion self-regulation and self-responsibility, enhanced well-being and improved health and relationships are powerful motivators that reinforce the individual’s efforts to achieve the greater planetary good. As more and more individuals become increasingly self-regulated and grow in conscious awareness, their increased individual coherence in turn increases social coherence, which is reflected in increased cooperation and effective co-creative initiatives for the benefit of society and the planet.

Moreover, we suggest that being in a heart-coherent state strengthens and stabilizes the coupling and transfer of bidirectional information to the planetary magnetic fields. We believe that as greater numbers of people in any social group (family, team and community) increase their o

verall personal coherence they help to establish a more coherent standing wave at the group level and this wave is reinforced and amplified through collective coherent intention and actions. This “group field” then makes it easier for people in the group to sustain their coherence and self-regula- tory capacity and lift their consciousness, which over time is reflected in increased and sustained social coherence.




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