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All meditations submitted will be reviewed for content quality.

Since everyone who uses this site will be looking at all the same meditation content, we need to ensure very high quality in the description wording. The editors of Mass Meditate reserve the right to change, add to, and remove any wording as necessary to ensure the meditation will be as effective as possible.

If no image or audio or video are included with the submission, a generic image or audio or video may be chosen by a content editor to increase the quality of the user experience.

Concepts and phrases used in the meditation should be generally understandable to the higher consciousness community, or a link should be included to explain any concepts or phrases which are not easy to understand, with an explanation next to those links specifying to click there to read more about those concepts or phrases.

Wherever possible language should be avoided that could be controversial enough for a large number of people in the higher consciousness community to have a negative reaction to, which could detract from the overall desired consciousness effect of the meditation. Controversial ideas can be included through links as long as the main focus of the main description text leaves people with a positive understanding of how this meditation will benefit humanity or the cosmos.

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