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About Us

We are a team of volunteers from across the world inspired by a common vision to help people connect and coordinate synchronised sessions, meditations and prayers on a global and local scale. With this we aim to generate a powerful wave of positive intention and uplifting energy.

Project Vision and Mission:

Our intention is to connect and empower a worldwide network of experienced meditators, conscious seekers, healers, artists, change-makers and communities to explore and create opportunities for greater unity and harmony in global consciousness. We are a completely voluntary, grassroots, non-profit organisation seeking to collaborate with other like-minded initiatives, organisations and companies that share a similar vision.

If you are inspired to join the movement or create your own session, write to us on unite@massmeditate.org or follow us on Facebook to get updates.


Currently you can browse and join meditations, set reminders, play videos and audio tracks, and see the number of participants. See more about all features here

We are continuously developing new functions, some of the major ones being:

  • Monthly global multi-event page
  • Meditator map with geo-locations
  • Comments/chat for each session
  • Timers
  • Time-zone meditations
  • Private events and more

Our team

We are a diverse team from different professional backgrounds – business services, programming, teaching, music, healing, coaching and more – combining our different perspectives to fulfil the vision. What unites us is a passion for meditation, healing and uplifting ourselves and others around us. We keep true to our values and in addition to our individual practices we start every single meeting with a meditation connecting to our vision and using that inspiration to guide us on the journey. 

Meet our generous team of volunteers here. 

We are currently taking on more team members who would like to contribute to fulfilling this vision. If you would like to express your interest in joining the team, please write to us on unite@massmeditate.org

Key milestones:

June 2018 Shelly is inspired and guided to create a global synchronised meditation app
July 2018 Shelly and Mike meet and begin discussions to build the app
December 2018 MassMeditate.org domain is registered and branding created
February 2019 App development begins
August 2019 MassMeditate app launched in iOS and Google Play
August 2019 MassMeditate app announced at an international consciousness conference
April 2020 Alex is inspired and guided to create a global synchronised meditation app
April 2020 Alex forms OneKIND team in the UK – work on a similar app begins
April 2020 OneKIND discovers MassMeditate and our teams merge to fulfil the vision together
May 2020 Regular meditation practice on team meetings starts – we practice what we preach 🙂
June 2020 New connections with multiple like-minded initiatives and organisations established, e.g. Echo Movement, HeartMath Institute, Maharishi International University, WeLoveMassMeditation, Echo Movement, All1Union, Fortunate People, Waves of Love Festival and many more independent meditators and local groups
July 2020 The Mass Meditate app reaches over 2000 downloads worldwide
July 2020 MassMeditate increases social media presence