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Meditate With Chris


Meditate with me on Livestreams, or watch the replays. I’m happy to meditate with you.


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Chris Curran

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About Me

I’ve been meditating for many years and it has progressively enhanced my life so much; I’m not able to put it into words.

More about me…

– Creating meditation videos and livestreams via Meditate With Chris

– Practicing Sahaj Marg since 2003, and I also help teach that method so if you have questions let me know

– Host The Mystic Show podcast

– Authored Leap Beyond Your Limits

– Visited India 10 times to learn about spirituality, practice meditation, live in ashrams and spend time on retreats

– Cofounder of Pause Your Life providing meetups and retreats for individuals who would love to press the “pause button,” drop their baggage, relax and feel something spiritually deep and fulfilling.

– Teach podcast production at Podcast Engineering School, and produce podcasts at Fractal Recording

– And now I also meditate with you over the internet!


spirituality, meditation, podcasting, audio production, hiking, future tech,

Chris Curran

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