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Our generous team of volunteers​

We are a team of volunteers currently building this project purely out of our passion in between our everyday working lives. Our commitment is to always keep this platform community-led, free to use and free of any corporate or political agendas. Read more about the project here


We seek collaboration with other like-minded initiatives, organisations and companies that share a similar vision and would like to unite in uplifting the world


We are currently taking on more team members who would like to contribute to fulfilling this vision. If you would like to express your interest in joining the team, please write to us on [email protected]

Shelly Remeny

Project co-author and coordinator (USA)

Former Program Implementation and Training Manager/Developer in the Telecommunications industry with a current focus on customer service for Startups. Passionate about helping others achieve their goals with a guided focus on finding a spiritual path to every day life. Committed to learning everything possible about the science of united meditation and it’s positive impact on ascension and uplifting humanity. Determined to drive the understanding and appeal of Mass Meditate from a niche group to the general public.

Alex Zlatopolskis


Educator, Coach, Entrepreneur. 

I have a passion for conscious living, maximising human potential, progressive education and harmonious families. Aside from teaching Economics and Business for 8 years, I have a diverse business experience from various roles in sales, events management, family business, and a couple of small businesses that I co-founded. I am now a transformational and marriage coach, breathwork instructor and Reiki healer.

My pursuit of purpose and unity has driven me to deeply explore culture, spirituality and science. It led me to create a Unity in Diversity society while at Uni, and now I have been strongly inspired and guided to create this project to unite and uplift the world.

Mike Waskosky

Lead Developer (USA)

Mike Waskosky is the creator of the Mass Meditate app (massmeditate.org) and founder of the New Earth Network, a social networking site for higher consciousness communities. Mike is also a public speaker on the Law of One (Ra material) at conferences and on YouTube. As an activist for the unveiling of suppressed truth, Mike also manages UFO disclosure, spirituality & metaphysics communities in Colorado Springs. Mike is a versatile tech consultant & programmer by trade with a bachelor’s degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.

Pankaj Ladiwal

Project management team (UK)

I started my career as software engineering, transitioned into various roles in the IT industry and now working as IT project manager for multinational organisations. I have good analytical and technical skills, with experience in management, collaboration between teams and team work. I love the passion in each team members and want to be part of this initiative to explore meditation as tool to unite communities.

Anna Wiatr

Social media team (UK)

Marketing Strategist, Avid Traveler, Coach and Mentor. 

I work in Marketing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and fulfil a sales focused role. I love what I do as it involves me dealing with people and taking action which delivers effective results. 

I have over a decade of experience working in the City of London in financial services where I had an opportunity to experience the good, the bad and the ugly! The idea to transition into a more fulfilling, creative and people focused role prompted me into doing an MBA course and ultimately led me into discovering my true calling which was to explore areas of mindfulness, meditation and the development and unlocking of human potential. I approach my life with a positive upbeat attitude and I want to share my knowledge and understanding to support others. 

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, keeping fit, music and I have recently taken up Martial Arts.

Chris Robbins

Science of synchronised meditation team (UK)

I have a varied background which includes management, coaching, teaching, youth development, health and wellbeing, spirituality, radio and community development. 

Why I am a part of this project – I want to connect the masses through conscious interaction, empowerment and by ‘knowing and experiencing the power of unity.’ 

I am currently preparing to publish my first book. My passions include spirituality, esoteric knowledge, music and the creative arts.

Avinash Jadhav

Software developer

I am MBA from ITM and working as software professional having experience in java, j2ee, spring, spring boot, javascript, reactjs and most of the databases. Also having experience as project manager and technical architect.


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