Violet Heart Meditation

() - repeats every week

The purpose of this meditation is to speed up the ascension process through the Heart Radiation meditation techniques, and to generate a massive flow of positive energy to counteract the actions of the Cabal. With a massive amount of positive energy produced in the Hearts of Humanity, we can help to manifest full disclosure and The Event.

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring Peace, Healing and Prosperity in the World. Use this to create a massive amount of positive energy to clear the Etheric, the Physical and the Plasma Planes of all negative entities that are not at the highest good of all. Bring awareness of the Light into the hearts and minds of all cabal middlemen members.

3. Listen to the beatings of your heart. Imagine your heart to be like a glowing and radiating sun inside you, then feel your heart-sun to be the center of your being, then as the center of the universe. Now feel J-V-P-L-K. Do not think, feel each one [for 6 minutes]:

(J) — JOY: (6 minutes) Feel your heart-sun to be the embodiment of joy and bliss. Don’t merely think of joy or bliss; feel it as vividly as you can. If you feel the urge to smile, then smile. It may help you feel joy better. Feel each positive attribute as a bundle of energy emanating from your heart-sun. Let this energy radiate all over your body.

(V) — VITALITY: (6 minutes) Feel strength and vitality. Your heart-sun is awash with vim and vigor. With every positive feeling you emote, visualize the light to glow more and more bright and intense.

(P) — PEACE: (6 minutes) Then, feel your heart-sun to be filled with goodness and peace. Everything is alright and in perfect harmony. There is peace in your heart-sun, and you are at peace with yourself, with the world and the entire universe.

(L) — LOVE: (6 minutes) Feel your heart-sun to be the embodiment of forgiveness, and that your heart-sun is overflowing with love and bliss. Be sincere in feeling these emotions.

(K) — KINDNESS: (6 minutes) Feel loving kindness and compassion. Feel as if you want to embrace the whole world and all creatures therein.

Relax and just be passive, forget your visualization. Do this for 5 minutes. Stop feeling and radiating JVPLK. Just be in the centre of your heart.

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