Reiki Earth Healing Grid

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Join this powerful healing practice combining the power of Reiki energy and crystals to send light, healing and love to our Mother Earth.

1. SET UP: Start by arranging a Reiki crystal grid (see figures 1 &2) with 6 quartz points. Have the points facing inward. You can put a picture of the Earth or a small globe in the center of your grid. (See detailed instructions below)

2. CONNECT: State the following: “I ask to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I ask to do Earth healing here, for the highest good, harming none.”  Wait for an affirmative or negative response, as you would during a distance healing.  Don’t assume that you’ll always get a yes.  Sometimes you will not, for reasons that are serving a higher good.

3. ACTIVATE: If you receive a positive response, activate the two crystal triangles of the six pointed star. (See figure 3 and detailed instructions below). Feel them fill with light, and say, “I call upon the highest Reiki spirit guides and masters. I call upon the angels and archangels. Give me a pillar of healing Reiki light from the universal source, through this grid and into Mother Earth for the highest good.”  Visualize a continuous beam of light coming down into the grid, empowering the crystals, and then diving into Mother Earth.

SYMBOLS:  Place any of the Reiki healing symbols you feel guided to use in the center of the star, and feel the energy pulse towards the core of Mother Earth.  You may even “receive” symbols intuitively from the Earth that she wishes you to use.  I recommend all of the traditional Usui and Tibetan symbols.  I’ve included a few lesser known symbols I like to use for this ceremony below see Fig 4,5.

VARIATIONS:  You can let the grid “run” for several minutes, up to several hours, as your intuition guides you.  You can come back as often as you’d like and repeat the symbols or put different ones in the grid.  If you’d like to perform this perform this healing outside, set up your grid one the Earth, at a place you feel guided to heal.  Have the points facing outwards so the energy will radiate across the land.

COMPLETION:  When done, deactivate the grid by asking the guides, masters, angels, and archangels to ground the pillar of light into the Earth for the highest good.  Then, ask the crystals to  deactivate, one by one.  Thank Mother Earth, Father Sky, nature spirits, and devas.  Finally dismantle the grid.


Setting up Reiki Crystal Grid

Take six quartz pints of similar size that you have already cleansed and charged, and place them on a hard surface where they will not be moved over a period of time.  Arrange them like a six pointed star, with points pointing inward (Fig 1).  If you have double-pointed, you will intend the energy flow inward as you do this.  In the center place your picture or globe of  the Earth.

Moving clockwise, activate the crystals in the first triangle simply by pointing to them and saying, “Activate” silently or out loud. (Fig. 3)  Do this three times around the triangle. Continue with the second triangle. Activate each crystal, moving clockwise until you have gone around the triangle three times.

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