Live Meditation: Pause Your Life

() - repeats every week

() - repeats every week

Meditating on your own can be difficult or uninspiring. You’re welcome to meditate with me to keep up your meditation practice. Join a few minutes early and get comfortable.

We will use the Lightness Meditation technique:

Sit comfortably, relax and close your eyes.

Imagine there is peaceful lightness that is emanating from the core of your heart. It is expanding very slowly and you progressively feel lighter and lighter.

Gently ignore all other thoughts that enter your mind; they do not affect the expanding peaceful lightness.

Note: It is not a problem if you keep having a continual stream of thoughts. This is natural. It is the process of your mind relaxing and emptying itself. Do not push away or fight with your thoughts; simply ignore them and they will float away. This takes some practice but you will soon become skilled at ignoring your thoughts, and this is a huge accomplishment.

General Tips for Meditation:

You should never think, “I cannot meditate.” Of course you can. Everyone can. You simply need to develop the skill of meditation which you can easily do with a few months practice *IF you use an effective method of meditation and practice regularly.

Before you start a meditation session, give yourself some time to quiet down and relax a bit. Don’t just throw yourself in a chair spur of the moment and close your eyes and expect to start meditating immediately. Of course, meditating first thing in the morning is good because, among other reasons, you’re already mentally relaxed.

It’s best to turn off your phone and forget about it while you meditate. If you want to use your phone as a timer or something, then put your phone in airplane mode so you won’t be distracted by any texts or calls.

You should sit comfortably so you can meditate in one pose for the entire duration without needing to adjust your body constantly. It is not helpful to sit on the floor cross-legged if that is going to cause you to fidget the whole time and cause your legs to fall asleep and cause your back to ache the entire time. Meditation is an “inside job,” so please just sit comfortably. For most westerners this means sitting in a regular chair.

Oh, and there’s no need to hold your thumbs and pointer fingers together like you see in so many pictures of people meditating. Just sit comfortably 😉

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