“May all creatures see in Thee the Unity of Life” – Sri Swami Chidananda prayer

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A universal prayer to see the Unity in all things; with all of Creation and its Creator from Sri Swami Chidananda. Audio coming soon.

Glorious and Almighty Lord, beloved Father of humanity,
God of love, compassion and grace,
At Thy feet we offer our worshipful homage.

Adorable Presence!
unique Reality behind
the impermanence of names and forms,
Thou who art the all-pervading Divine Spirit,
Thou who art within and without,
above and below and all around;
Thou who art interpenetrating the whole of our being;
Thou who art the radiant Light
beyond the darkness in the depths of ourselves.

Adorable Presence!
Thou who art the Eye of our eyes,
the Ear of our ears, the Heart of our hearts,
the Mind of our mind, the Breath of our breaths,
the Life of our lives, the Soul of our souls,
grant us, dear Lord, to be aware of Thy Presence
here and now!

Grant us, dear Lord, that we may know unceasingly
that at every moment
and in every action in our life,
we dwell in Thee and Thee dwell in us
and in everything around us.

May Thy Presence be felt by all the beings of the Earth,
inspiring everyone to give up
ill-will, hatred and negative feelings,
and to create among all
a link of love, devotion and service.

May all creatures see in Thee
the Unity of Life,
May all creatures see in all things
Thy unifying Presence.

Worshipful homage unto Thee,
in Whom all things come into being,
in Whom all things exist,
and in Whom all things ultimately subside.

Behind the appearances and changes of names and forms
there remains an unchanged Presence.
Grant us to know It
and through this knowledge to make our life Divine.

—Sri Swami Chidananda

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