Global Unity Session

() - repeats every month


Whatever your country, culture, race or belief – connect to your deep sense of humanity, feel the connectedness of all people and nature inhabiting our planet Earth. Unite for world peace, unite for healing of our planet and people, unite to celebrate the beauty of our world, unite to uplift the world!

1 of each month — at 1pm UTC * (Universal World Time) — for at least 11 minutes.

let us join in a conscious action uplifting expression for our Humanity and our Earth


As easy as 123! 🙂

  1. Simply take the moment to pause and step away from everyday rush
  2. Engage in any activity that uplifts your own spirits and/or is good for the others and the world
    • Examples of activities: celebration / meditation / prayer / visualisation / mantra / healing / thought / song / dance / random act of kindness / hug / charitable act / planting a tree / touching the earth / ANY uplifting expression of your own, alone or in a group
  3. Set the intention for all the benefits of your activity to go towards uplifting the world and humanity

=> If you can not do this, take at least a minute of silence for the benefit of the Earth and humanity.


Suggestion for a visualisation: Imagine that you unite with other meditators through the heart, like a ray of light that comes from the sky, from the sun, through your heart and down your feet in to the earth.

Suggestions for a prayer: You can use any of the universal prayers for peace from this list

P.S. MassMeditate is recruiting new volunteers to join the team. If you would like to contribute to our mission with any skills, time, advice, contacts, testimonials or other, please get in touch on [email protected]

Unite to uplift the world! 🙏🌎 🌍 🌏 💫

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