Imagine the world

uniting in common intention

even if just for a moment

creating a wave

of love, healing, compassion and peace


One intention, Many paths

Many cultures, One kind

The Humankind


Join the Global Unity Festival here

Every first Sunday of each month!


Meet a wide range of hosts and performers

Participate in the event that inspires you the most

Or create your own! 



meditate / pray / sing / breathe / play

heal / chant / dance / visualisations / shamanic journeying

random acts of kindness / free hugs / positive thoughts /

charitable acts / care for nature / connect with people

ANY uplifting expression that you’re inspired to share with the world



Wave 1 – Asia & Pacific

Unite at 12noon GMT+9 (Japan Standard Time)


Wave 2 – Europe, Africa & Middle East


Unite at 12noon GMT+1 (Central European Time)


Wave 3 – The Americas


Unite at 12noon GMT-6 (Central Standard Time)




Whatever your country, culture, race or belief – connect to your deep sense of humanity, feel the inter-connectedness of all people and nature of our planet Earth.


Whatever your unique expression, practice or act – do it with this intention in mind: 

Uplift the world!



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