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    Mass Meditation 24/7 Video

    The tracks here are streamed and infused with energies to raise the vibration of the environment around you and yourself, while promoting a deep state of meditation where you are infused with unconditional love. A deep feeling of energy of inner joy and a profound feeling of peace.
    You will also reflect this beauty and love to everyone you interact with as well. Finally each time it is played it will work on infusing the earth with positivity and love. Creating a gentle loving push for a better future for all. (by helping to raise your personal and the earth’s vibratory state)
    It also forms a temporary connection with each person who is listening the field itself, to help spread these thoughts, feelings and mental states throughout the earth by the interconnected listeners.
    (you become like a temporary node in a giant nexus)
    This can be a major catalyst for earth shifting/change.
    (This is an actively growing field, lets make a change together on earth)
    You can actively use this or passive use it while chatting, or just play it to uplift your surroundings)